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What our patients are saying...

What our patients are saying...

"The staff are always so friendly and caring. They are also very thorough and always very open with the methods of treatment used. I didn't think there was a medical care facility that cared as much as they do... I'm glad I was wrong.."

-Family of Patient

""I have an extensive set of wounds on both of my feet. I was doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy and wound care with a different facility. It was recommended that I "start thinking" about amputation, as the doctors at the other facility had done "everything possible for me, and it was likely that I was not going to heal with wound care alone". I called Advanced Wound Institute and spoke to Kelsey about getting a second opinion. I still have a way to go, but after only a few weeks, my wounds are looking great and healing nicely. The staff is wonderful. Kelsey explains everything she's doing in understandable terms, and she is so kind, caring and knowledgeable. I used to cry the entire night after a wound care appointment, but Kelsey is so gentle and honestly wants to make the appointments go as smoothly as possible. I have been able to cut my pain medication in half under her care. I felt the time I spent at the other clinic was a total waste of my time, and I regret not moving my care over to Advanced Wound Institute earlier. I am confident that I am headed toward ringing the "Healing Bell" rather than a double amputation. Thank you Kelsey and staff! I have no hesitation recommending this clinic to anyone!"

-Current Patient

"Advanced wound institute had the best team working to help explain and ensure that every need you have is met. I have a lot of doctors and this was my first time I have been at awi. Fortunately I felt comfortable right away and Kelsey took the time and explained everything to me. I have to go back again in a week and for the first time I done even mind going to the doctor. Thank you ladies for your excellent care. "

-Current Patient

"No one likes medical visits and especially when you feel uncomfortable. May I suggest that Advanced Wound Institute changes your perception of that. This is a team that makes you feel comfortable from the get go. Friendly and professional care of the highest order. I would recommend this place to anyone, but wouldn't advise getting a serious injury just to come...though it might be worth it.."

-Current Patient

"All staff are extremely professional Appointment making is streamlined and the front office staff are exceptionally helpful and go out of their way to ensure that they fit you into the schedule. I am so grateful that I got to have Dr Acharya and David to be in charge of my health and recovery. I feel they are both totally involved in their patient”s wellbeing and are invested in their return to health. In their care I feel nurtured and cared for"

-Current Patient

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